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About - Free Online Games! Starting on boards to please the royalty and sometimes even the peasants, games were created to provide fun and entertainment when people didn't have more than their friends or a jester, if they were kings or princes, to entertain them. With time, people though that nobody would play those anymore thanks to new technology like the television. They were wrong, and the video games were the answer, adapting themselves to the new generation. The computer didn't stay behind and that started what brought nowadays the flash gaming to the players' life. They are produced by the hundreds and there are many different genres to be played, like the most famous ones for the boys such as action and strategy, maybe even a football game that is played online. The oldest board ones like chess are still famous, but the adapted versions are important to develop the logic thinking and intelligence from kids to grown ups. Together with the physics gaming, they are perfect to be presented to the kids at school, since they can learn a lot more when there is something interesting in the screen. The girls don't have to worry, for their doll dressing up won't be left aside, with a game for every different taste, from a simple dress up to a complete make over of beautiful girls. To complete the super package, playing with the favorite characters online, such as Spongebob Squarepants or Kim Possible is also a possibility, the perfect combination of fun and entertainment.